We are temporarily discontinuing sales of the Acu-pass.  We hope to be able to re-instate it soon!

Our new hours are:  Monday, Thursday & Saturday 10-4:00 (Monday’s last appointment is at 3:30.) Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 12-6:00.  Use our scheduling link to the left to schedule an appointment!  Or call us at 750-8224.

We have a new massage therapist sharing our space!  His name is James Brown and he’ll make you feel GOOD!  He gives our patients a discount, and if you like deep tissue work, he’s your guy!  Call for an appointment at 967-9115.

Our doctors spend 15 minutes with each patient, and the needles are left in for about another half hour.  If you are a new patient, please allow at least one hour for paperwork, intake and treatment.   Many patients stay with the needles for 45 minutes, some even longer. 

Please schedule online, using our link on this page (to the left)…or call us at (505) 750-8224!  You may also schedule at the front desk next time you visit.  Be well!

NEWS FLASH! – Casita has been voted one of the TOP FIVE Oriental Medicine businesses by Albuquerque Magazine!  Thank you for your votes!

Watch our movie for an introduction to CASITA COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE…

Casita’s Mission:

Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality acupuncture to the people of Albuquerque. Casita Community Acupuncture is part of a growing movement of over 225+ Community Acupuncture clinics nationwide. We think that everyone has the right to feel healthy with acupuncture that’s accessible and affordable.

We offer individualized treatments in a relaxing, open setting. You decide what you can afford on a sliding scale of $20-40, with an additional $5 intake fee on your first visit. We have set these low rates so that you can afford to come as often as you need to feel healthier and happier.

Casita is a proud member of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), a multi-stakeholder cooperative of community acupuncture clinics, practitioners, and patients. Learn more about POCA by visiting their website .

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Let your friends and family know about Casita! Feel free to take plenty of cards, mini-flyers, paper cranes, and brochures on your next visit to help spread the word about our affordable acupuncture clinic.

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Know people in other places? Locate other affordable clinics like ours at the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture.